We believe a good diet is essential for happy, well developed, healthy children therefore we offer well planned meals that use fresh fruit, vegetables and meat. Little Explorers nursery is  committed to serving nutritious, well balanced meals and snacks to the children and ensure that mealtimes are a happy occasion and encourage conversation and the tasting of new foods.


Food for Life accreditation awarded in June 2019 .


Lunches are provided by an external catering company called Tiny Tasters.

“At Tiny Tasters it’s our job to make tiny dinners taste yummy with lots of added goodness.
We deliver our FRESH locally sourced home cooked HEALTHY meals. All meals made fresh. We hate salt, sugar and yucky preservatives so we absolutely don’t add them to our meals. All our products are for weaning babies and toddlers fussy as you like!” Tiny Tasters


We can cater for most dietary needs; vegetarians, dairy allergies, egg allergies, etc.

Sample menu

7.30 – Breakfast; variety of cereal, toast, milk or water

10.00 – Morning Snack; crumpets with vegetables, milk or water

12.00 – lunch; lasagne with hidden vegetables, pudding; rhubarb crumble and custard, water

2.00 – Afternoon Snack; houmous, pitta and cucumber sticks with milk or water

4.00 – High Tea; pizza muffins with peppers and carrot sticks. Pudding; fresh fruit or yoghurts with water