Rooms and Learning

Caterpillars 0 – 2 years



The Caterpillar room is a specialised baby unit run by qualified staff with years of experience. The room is a homely, quiet, peaceful, safe space where the children get to explore and learn to find their feet! We have sensory play, garden time and music sessions. Whilst in the garden, the children have their own play space.

Babies are making new discoveries every day; our baby room is well equipped with everything a baby could need. High staffing levels enables staff members to really get to know their key children to identify their next steps in their development and help them make massive strides towards the early learning goals.

Our babies feel secure and safe in these caring environments. Babies sleep, eat and play routines are personalised to suit their individual needs.

Butterflies 2 years – 3 years old


The Butterflies room is a large room with qualified staff. The children have fun learning new skills and exploring the stimulating environment. Activities are based on the children’s interests and staff help to expand their play by offering ideas and support. They start to self-select activities and build their independence throughout the day.

The children are encouraged to learn by using their senses, exploring the world around them through a range of activities. Activities include singing, story time, messy and outdoor play, which allow the children to explore independently and develop their confidence.

Preschool 3 – 5 years


The Preschool Room is ran by a qualified enthusiastic teacher, who teachers our children Spanish. We have a lovely large Preschool room with the opportunity for the children to free flow into their own garden all day long as well as having access to the main garden too.

Whilst in Preschool children get school ready by learning to be independent in certain skills; such as toileting, putting on their own coat and shoes, learning phonics and are encouraged to write their own name.

Our Curriculum

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) sets standards for the learning, development and care of children from birth to 5 years old. All schools and Ofsted-registered early years providers must follow an Early Years curriculum, school reception classes.

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework supports an integrated approach to early learning and care. It gives all professionals a set of common principles and commitments to deliver quality early education and childcare experiences to all children. We use the 7 areas of development in our planning and ensure we are meeting the children’s needs so that they can play and learn happily in ways which will help them develop skills and knowledge across all  the areas of learning.

The planning and observation system in place the staff team will be actively encouraging your child’s interests, offering them further opportunities to explore. It ensures that if your child is having difficulties in a particular area it will be picked up and addressed as quickly as possible.

The children love the opportunities for gardening, growing and exploring nature. During the year we get chicks and caterpillars to show them the life cycle, the children all find this fascinating.

Trips and outings

At Little Explorers we believe that the best way for children to learn is with hands on experiences. Therefore we take the children out of the nursery on local outings; to the shops, Sutton Park, Blackwood Park and many other places.

We also take them on trips using coaches, minibuses or pubic transport. The children have been lucky enough to go to the farm, zoo, sea life centre, think tank, theatre, fire stations and other amazing places.


Tapestry and Baby Days

At Little Explorers we use an electronic management system called Baby Days. This gives you feedback throughout the day straight to your phones/tablets. You can see what your child has eaten, when they had their nappy changed, how long they slept for, if they had an accident and much more. We are using this to keep you updated but to also help the planet by using less paper.

Little Explorers Day Nursery staff uses Tapestry to make regular observations on the children’s learning and development, allowing us to ensure that all children’s needs are met to the best of our ability. These observations will be available for you to view at any time. Parents and carers have a huge important role to play in their child’s education.

“It is important for parents and early years settings to have a strong and respectful partnership. This sets the scene for children to thrive in the early years” (EYFS 2023)

Extra Curriculum

Music Sessions

Rainbow rhyme comes in every weeks on alternating Mondays and Wednesdays to teach the Caterpillar and Butterfly children new songs, music and much more. We also have Creative Flair every week on Wednesdays in Preschool to teach the children music, movement and drama.